Lilo & Stitch Love: Yin & Yang

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AutorOnce you finish reviewing the TV series and Leroy and Stitch, will you be looking at the anime?
Autor: Doctor Who Why Where and When
AutorDude, I'm loving these reviews. Loved the show as a kid and still love it to this day. Can't wait to see more! :) Also, I hope you do the anime as well.
Autor: Filip Kanzurovski
AutorNo one thinks your funny
Autor: emma strait
Autor Blitznak! The EXPERIMENT broke free!
Autor: GreatMewtwo
Autor502 reminds me of quilava or Typhlosion from Pokèmon.
Autor: Mistilkx
AutorI personally don't like this episode. Not just because of the cringe dance but I feel I have to sit through the arguing/complaining and blame game and especially on the my favorite Maine characters.
Autor: Michael McJunkin
AutorReview the whole series please!
Autor: ToeIn2194
Autor: jessica direito
AutorThe most interesting thing about Yin (501) that I found, is that it's not a "he", it's a "she". XD Great review, though!
Autor: Zephyr4501

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