RT Podcast: Ep. 510 - The Last Time Gus Cried?

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AutorAm I the only one who has deja vu watching the beginning of this where Bernie talks about the guy from the Cosby show having a job and then whatever Barbara says to comment on it is like exactly what they’ve both said in a previous podcast not too long ago? Idk might just be me.
Autor: Christopher Sandoval
Autor: AiErudito __-_-__
AutorHow did they not think of DickButt?!
Autor: Oris Dearborn
AutorBecka has some badass eyebrows.
Autor: Prasamaccus
AutorA program to make people dance virtually - the only way I'd be dancing with others watching, ever.
Autor: Inquisitor Ichijou
AutorThinking!? about it now i reckon that Burnie Burns! would make a great Voice as Alf the Alien!
Autor: gavan simkin
AutorPeople say Gucci Mane is a clone
Autor: Kepler
AutorI have dyslexia so i honestly thought Chris was drinking a can of Autism.
Autor: Farouk Harvey
Autorive been blackout drunk many a time, but im an alcoholic. Ive been trying so hard to quit recently because my daughter is due to be born december 5th. its hard but i think im doing well.
Autor: Brandon Campbell
Autormake barbara and chris dancing an extralife goal
Autor: Ezra Joseph
Autor the actual surgery is called an addadicktomy...... hope Barbara would be proud
Autor: snowwolfe
AutorSponsored by
Autor: DiscoDotCom
AutorChris, I think that’s the power steering, either your fluids low of pumps broken.
Autor: Robert Rodgers
AutorI was in 3rd Grade
Autor: Thomas Caudill
Autorits always a strange podcast with chris in the line up lol
Autor: Mr.Ghostkeeper
AutorAt i looked it up, laughed, came back and Gus said dont look it up.
Autor: Alexandro Millan
AutorBarbara is unsure if pumping a fellow racer's brakes is allowed? Like for real?
Autor: Norlanderp
AutorAssDick was the name I gave my rival in pokemon as a kid...

Chris is onto something...
Autor: ShufflofigusCam
Autor: ben .kentwell
AutorAbout the the xbox one when i heard about it i immediately went " they do know what that that can be shortened to right.......too the internet" that day I was proud of the internet beacause the first thing that i found was xbone that feeling of pride would return a few weeks latter when i looked up frozen and 🎵got shot through the heart🎵 jokes
Autor: GoldenPheonix123x
AutorThe Intermission screen in 2001 a space odyssey is also on the DVD cuts. It threw some people off in theatres thinking they had more time than what it actually was. (Idk if They extend it now, but it's there on the dvds)
Autor: Munster Mash
AutorI love Chris's laugh
Autor: TeenyBooch
AutorNintendo does number stuff DS, DSi, 3DS, 2DS, and new 3DS just stupid number ordering
Autor: adrian schmalz
AutorThis must be a parallel world. Gus WANTS to go to Vegas
Autor: Nick Brennen
AutorBeing from Montreal, I can’t believe I haven’t seen at least one of the Rooster Teeth cast here :(
Autor: Erica Linhares
Autor hi yes, that is exactly me
Autor: Nick Brennen
AutorWith the dead celebrities thing, the first time I ever heard about that kind of thing was with Eminem. I think it's still a thing, actually.
Autor: Fuzzy Barbarian
Autori cant believe that people can not cry for a number of years?? i literally cry 4 times a week AT LEAST. everything makes me cry. i cried for several minutes at the time lapse section of the last YDYD. i cried during bloodfest. probably cried during THIS podcast
Autor: attackthellama
AutorI was eating lentil soup when I watched this :/ Thanks, Chris.
Autor: Rob H
AutorWe need a rt life of burnie gus matt and geoff going to vegas in a van like the time gus didn't want to go to vegas
Autor: Patrick Hatcher
AutorI want more mexican food but I have to drive an hour to get it, though I have to drive an hour to get taco bell too
Autor: Aaron Thomas
AutorWhy is the Cosby show gone? Why is it paying for what one actor did? They might be the same person but they're not the same people. The show and everyone on it shouldn't pay
Autor: Pseudonym
AutorCommunists need to be destroyed
Autor: Casey Robinson
Autorjoel is a poker player now. wow
Autor: Angelo barrero
AutorSo surprised to watch an AI software ment to make you dance or copy the movements from pro dancers like Marquese Scott as an example... so many teenagers and 20 year old people can now realize the dream. XD
Autor: Scott Camacho
AutorWhen they plugged the Hems ad and said people lose their hair at 35, I started losing my hair at 16, that's a total lie XD
Autor: SWfan100
AutorChris that might be your steering box
Autor: yomama5252pwns
Autorchris gives me headaches
Autor: Kamakani Roque
Autor so glad I finished my breakfast before Chris's story.
Autor: djguydan
AutorMy mum's birthday is July 7th too
Autor: Callum Macey
AutorWell now someone has to find the clip of Becca on that show.
Autor: BitchenMarsRockstar
AutorBecca with that Alan Resnick reference! (p.s. the clay helps)
Autor: Latika Hinds
Autor Chris said "XCube" but I initially thought he said "XJew" 😂
Autor: Theodor Butters
AutorI'm sorry I have to state this because her hair has a tinge of blue but...

Autor: Cody Simon
AutorGet Barber off of here please. Doesn't she have her own show where all of her cohost have to laugh at her stupid jokes. She is pretty though
Autor: Tony O
AutorMaybe Chris needs to check his alignment?
Autor: Narish Do Urden
AutorI publicly celebrated on a train when gus said he cried at the return of the King because its the exact same as me!
Autor: Alex Cairns
Autor: Mason Jordan
AutorJust don't get apple products
Autor: PlayPod
AutorI looked up the pig picture. Had to. Was not disappointed.
Autor: riphelix
AutorIf I remember correctly, the last time Gus cried was when he watched Frodo leave Middle Earth in Return of the King.
Autor: Christopher Davis
AutorBarbs tone sounds like she knows about the deep fake porns of her during that conversation 😂
Autor: ABunchOf Nuts
Autorrtaa the vomit story hahaha
Autor: ItsJonnyM
Autorvocaloid is the closest thing to a entierly digital star
Autor: Danang M. Fauzan
Autorive been blackout drunk many a time, but im an alcoholic. Ive been trying so hard to quit recently because my daughter is due to be born december 5th. its hard but i think im doing well.
Autor: Brandon Campbell
Autorthere's a digital star that's been around for over 10 years and her name is HATSUNE MIKU
Autor: Autumn Melancholy
AutorIs Pizza Sphere finally coming!?!
Autor: Evo_Winters
AutorI drink, but never have been drunk. No desire to not be in control or not be myself
Autor: Q2
AutorGet a new steering box/pump Chris jesus
Autor: Carl Alford
AutorHad a high school teacher who's parents named him Jon. When he was in middle school he asked his dad why. His dad said "Because I thought you would be too dumb to spell it the other way". That was his ice breaker first day of class. No one misspelled his name.
Autor: natypaige99
AutorYes Paul is dead theroy.
Autor: BeatlesCuber
Autor44,444 views, that's cool timing.
Autor: Munster Mash
Autorhtsune miku is an entirely computer generated japanese pop star.
Autor: kidsmack baus
Autorwow never thought i'd hear someone say they want to learn shuffling in 2018 lol thought that died in like 2012/2013? i remember it being everywhere at my high school,
but i can see why she'd want to learn, it always looked like a fun dance so i hope she has fun with it!
Autor: Tatsgato
AutorDon’t look that up.Immediately goes to google and start typing.
Autor: Ango Goblogian
AutorWhere's the link dump
Autor: Kade Robinson
AutorListening to Chris struggle with words is both satisfying and frustrating
Autor: Jynn
AutorNever noticed how much Barbara and Becca sound alike! Its hard to tell who’s talking if you aren’t watching the video
Autor: BelieveInMatter
Autor"Obi-wan was wise to hide her from me."
Autor: 2Bears High5
Autorshe just found out about shuffling?
Autor: traphouseryan
AutorThe Tarantino movie had an intermission. The zombie one and the car one. But I guess those were actually two movies. When I saw it in theaters, there was an intermission.
Autor: Dustin Broussard
AutorI love that shade of blue and Becca's hair. It's kind of subtle.
Autor: Caleb Purvis
AutorI watched the Howard stern show as a a kid, I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember being very weirded out by the chainsaw that had tongues for the teeth on the blade 😐 and then, yeah.
Autor: Ashley Phillips
AutorI'm so glad they brought up drunk Gus from that Xtra Life 😂
Autor: Tyler Marvin
Autorhatsune miku is a digital only star :D
Autor: Jeffrey Kline
AutorI cry EVERYTIME I watch The Return of the King.
Autor: Julian Sp
AutorGavin was right, becca's brows are on fleeeeek 👌🏼
Autor: LiloNanners
AutorMaybe that motorcycle racer was 47 in disguise.
Autor: Rehtael
AutorCome for the Podcast...stay for Becca!
Autor: jason coleman
AutorThis is so weird.. last year me and my roommates found a bag of vomit in our freezer in the very back underneath a ton of stuff. None of us had any idea how it got there... was Chris in my apartment...?
Autor: John Collins
Autorchris trying to catch raccoons is exactly why i want so badly to date chris
Autor: Jennifer Mayer
Autor: Anthony K
Autor 21st century in a nut shell
Autor: Omari_X 65
AutorHolla if you love Chris!
Autor: Vaulksmir
Autor Chris never change 😂
Autor: Daniel B
AutorChris is one of the most underrated podcast members. Love that guy XD
Autor: John Black
AutorIve got a local cinema that always does intermissions
Autor: Rebecca Lakin
AutorI was watching an older RT podcast - must've been somewhere between 180 and 200 - a few days ago, and in it, Gus admitted that he cried at the opening scene in Up. Now he says that the last time he cried was at Return Of The King, which came out a decidedly long time before Up. What is the truth, Mr. Sorola? What are you hiding from us? What else is caught up in this web of lies?
Autor: Sergio Melendez
Autorlosing excitement about a birthday? Ha... haha... hahaha... but what if I never had excitement for a birthday? HAHAHAHAHA
Autor: Ossyria
AutorThe one in Xbox one stands for all in one
Autor: Lewbriski
AutorWait... shuffling is still a thing?! I remember that being a thing, like, 10 years ago when I was in high school (this is in Sydney) and everyone did it.
Autor: Fuzzy Barbarian
AutorThe iphone wont be called iPhone 11 and they didnt skip iPhone 9 regardless they are trash
Autor: Games&Electronics G&E
Autor I relish the moments we get mention of their relationship. Like a time capsule of RT lore
Autor: Nick Brennen
Autorplease dont learn to shuffle, it was so played out in 2013 already
Autor: Max Levell
AutorHow about the Xbox Two
Autor: Agentt Tenn
AutorI’m pretty sure that chicken crust pizza is supposed to be keto.
Autor: Jose Rocha
AutorChris, is it that hard to track, when you nut in s girl when your trying to have a baby?
Autor: daniel shipley
AutorPoints for the Megamind reference. Awesome movie!
Autor: HansolLovesBjoo SugaLovesJimin
AutorIm Certain that Chris is one person that is incapable of evil.
Autor: Anon Foruz
AutorChris back-to-back?
Autor: shawn boyce

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