Batman VS Spider-Man (DC VS Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Autor: Martha Alvarez
AutorThe Borg queen vs. Brainiac
Autor: rafeeali2019
Autor: ScaryPar Alex
Autornonononoonnononono you are sooooo wrong barman would win your calculations are wrong
Autor: ice
AutorBatman should've won...
Autor: whaz logic
Autor: Mila Burhanzai
AutorI actually thought Batman was gonna win tbh
Autor: Jarrod Smith
AutorI only came here to read the salty Batman fanboy comments
Autor: Dr. Deadlook
AutorThis is the first Death Battle video I saw. I remember seeing it when I lived back in Atlanta and I was glad Spidey won. But now I think Bats could’ve won since he’s basically smarter and could’ve found a weakness for him.
Autor: Kraye1231
AutorClose combat goes to spider-man....batman would have to use like laser guns or something else.
Autor: Jackson Percy
Autorthat was absurd. Batman totally would win. he's beat characters that consider Spider-Man a harmless spider. he has mastered 127 types of martial arts, has a gadget for every situation, is incredibly smart, I mean he is the world's greatest detective, and his cowl would tell him about Spidey's weak points. I could go on, but I'll stop here. there you go, marvel fans. my argument wasn't just "he's the god damn Batman."
Autor: Catwoman SelinaKyle
AutorWhat the f is this batman would've won he has batmobile he has everything better than that he would've gotten out of webs this is dumb
Autor: TheWolf 87
AutorHe would already be knocked out after all that
Autor: Robert Minkey
AutorGreen lantern vs black Panther please.. or katana vs black panther... or green lantern vs thor
AutorI like spiderman more but batman isnt that weak to lose everyfight!
AutorNow imagine if Batman gained Spider-Mans power
Autor: Sydney Hoffman
Autor fighting finally
Autor: TheTGamer
Autor: Retard 123
AutorBatman is clever and fast compared to Spider-Man. He can beat spidey in no time
Autor: Kaushal.Gote Btech2018
AutorBatman: you will be seeing your uncle very soon

Spider-Man: want me to say hi to your parents?
Autor: Odyssey28
AutorDon't forget spider man is a super human and batman is a normal human. Even he is just a normal human he fought spidey like he has super human strength.
Autor: AA1250
Autor: ko King 123
AutorSpider man vs venom plz
Autor: Roger Weeks
AutorBatman just got ded.
Autor: Flop Studios
AutorBatman vs Frank castle
Autor: MrRandom
AutorWell, batman is now with his parents
Autor: Jeffsan65
AutorWow a kid kicks a a younger dude ass
Autor: TheCrack Xxtentacion
Autorgo spiderman
Autor: Janice Eusebio
Autori love spider man
Autor: Sheila Bryant
AutorWho's here after watching Spiderman far from home trailer
Autor: ad Vip
AutorAlfred, I dont feel so good.....
Autor: XDF X
AutorFinally Jake and Marco can rest easy, knowing the debate is settled.
Autor: Eli Burry-Schnepp
AutorMysterio vs scare crow (marvel vs DC)
Autor: Mikail Thomas
AutorIm a bigger spider man fan than a batman fan, but peter would lose because he doesnt kill his foes
Autor: CJ_Gray (and sometimes paige)
AutorBatman would win he would not just stay attached to the web he would cut himself out or use a gadget remember this is batman he is not only a fighter he has gadgets that he used this was a dumb battle Batman would win.
Autor: Alexander Schindler
Autorspiderman is a muderer! guilty i call you spiderman!!! GUILTY!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Dubai 1522
AutorI’m thinking spidey wins
Autor: Mila Burhanzai
Autoronly spider man win in this version or nother version
AutorAt least you guys don't do the whole thing where no one can beat Batman.
Autor: Monica McVicker
Autor: Jack Sukahorn
AutorThough I like spiderman, I think batman should have won this one. Yes, spiderman's feats outmatch batman, but batman can think on the spot and is better equipped to deal with ppl like spiderman. One taser baterang, or something that ties spiderman up, and spidey is down. Batman would most likely win this.
Autor: mattofthe7pathes
AutorNo matter what Batman will always win ScrewAttack just supports marvel more than DC I believe DC is way better in my opinion I just don’t like Marvel Besides spidey wouldn’t make it because of how smart Batman is and Peter Parker never learned fighting like bats in the league of Assassins
AutorBut couldn’t Batman escape that with his mastery of escape artistry
Autor: James McCormick
AutorBatman lost cause he's a muggle!
Autor: jonathan bethsaida
AutorBATMAN IS SUPER MULTIVERSAL DX+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Autor: Om4r the g4mEr
AutorSpidermans not 25
Autor: Spider man
AutorM vs L
Autor: Jowe Lopez
AutorLol marvels better than DC
Autor: Bluecool Films
Autornormally i love your death battles guys. but this time you were lazy, you did not do your research properly and missed wayyyyy too much about both of them. fail. and I say this as a guy who grew up collecting spider-man comics and i really hate batman... i should be happy with outcome of this death battle but sorry it was waaaayyyy toooooooo lazyyyyy :( i am dissapointed, normally your research is so much more in depth.
Autor: Nezalu
AutorAlso no matter what even if batman somehow overpowers spidey he's not gonna kill him, and one thing we know about spidey for sure is he never gives up.
also he kills.
Autor: Suchit Mishra
AutorBatman wins not spiderman 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Autor: Maria Rossi
AutorBut BATMAN has mastered every scenario from the comics i read he should haved escaped that gaint web also he lifts about maybe 1000tons everyday he should have or maybe broke out of that web
Autor: Maria Luisa Hatamosa
AutorI'd like to see war machine vs Cyborg
Autor: Henry Lynch
AutorI went in expecting Batman to win, I thought he would find his weakness or something since he is smarter? Good for SpiderMan :)
Autor: Breeian McDowell
Autor: Batking
AutorI disagree, if Batman can beat Superman he can beat spiderman
Autor: Dusty 4
AutorObviously spider man wins. I love Batman but give me a break it’s Spider-Man. He can win many battles but he’s not winning this one.
Autor: Joe Dohn
AutorThis battle was unfair i mean Spider-Man has super powers and batman doesn’t
Autor: The true Genius
AutorFor a little more in-depth conclusion.

Spider-Man (winner):
+WAY stronger, faster, and tougher.
+Spider-Sense counters stealth.
+More mobile with web-swinging and wall-crawling (considering it’s a huge city the fight was in, yeah).
+Way of the Spider is a good counter for Batman’s fighting styles.
+Can easily restrain Batman with webbing (said webbing can restrain the HULK, even if for a bit).
+Is a superhuman against a normal human.
+Has a healing factor.
+Has fought and beaten opponents similar to Batman, like Green Goblin.
-Cocky and talks a lot.
-Less experienced and trained.
-Less intelligent.
-No armor.

Batman (loser):
+Smarter and better training.
+More experienced.
+Has a larger arsenal.
+Armor can take a couple hits.
-Far physically inferior.
-Can be restrained by webbing.
-Stealth is useless thanks to the Spider-Sense.
-Arsenal isn’t exactly lethal and the gases and drugs do not affect the Spider-Sense.
-Way of the Spider counters his martial arts.
-Is a normal human against a superhuman.
-No healing factor.
-Best feats come from prep time.
Autor: MaximumElevapor
AutorI can see the only way of batmen POSSIBLY beating spidey is if you include prep time.
But without that, Spider-Man stomps especially silver aged spider man, the Spider-Man that one shotted Superman, I’m not even joking
Autor: The boy With no mic
AutorI thought Batman was going to win.
Autor: TheMrClutch20
AutorBatman is a great super hero
Autor: AlAkEnGaMeS
AutorRip Batman T_T
Autor: cristian romero
AutorWtf flys beat their wings 200 times per second and spiderman can see the fly beat its wings 1 time in 2 secs
Autor: Junior T.V
AutorWhat's the Spider-man theme being used here? I can't remember where it's from
Autor: Entelo Quan
Autorbatman has saved the world counless times and spiderman saves the city i think you know who should be the winner
Autor: Norman Garcia
AutorAlmost all comments are of dc fanboys sayin
Autor: Jake The Dog
AutorClassic death battle.
Autor: WooToo 24/7
AutorBut tbh broomstick talked down about Spider-Man too much
Autor: The boy With no mic
AutorSpider-man is way better then batman👍
Autor: Damin Mance
AutorBatman 🌃
Autor: Hermon Gebremariam
AutorI’m just here to read the angry Batman fanboys comments 😆
Autor: RX7821979
AutorHOLD UP Spider-Man could sense Batman
Autor: Jami Great
Autorwho would win with prep time
Autor: Deon Knight
AutorBat destroy cap
Autor: Arnav Akhaury
AutorThat would not happen
Autor: Koobster
AutorThats bs. Batman could have escaped from that massive web and he could have dodged api,dermans web blasts. Plus, in the actual fight. Batman did not ever use his intellegence against spiderman. If this was an acurate battle,
spiderman would lose. Also, batman can be superman, whereas spiderman can't. .
Autor: Wardbros Inc
AutorSpiderman should have one punched Batman
Autor: Nurun Nahar
AutorBatman could just call in the batmobile and run his ass over...problem solved.
Autor: Make it Double
AutorWhat really how can Spider-Man beat Batman if cap beat Spider-Man in civil war also Batman beat cap what
Autor: Ivette Hernandez
AutorSpiderman dosent kill...…….
Autor: Spider - Gamer
AutorBatman can bench press 1000lbs? Lol!!!!!!!
Autor: FHD
AutorNow get batman a radio active bat
Autor: Ken Chaxx
AutorBatman’s has had 4 fights in death battle
Hears hoping spidey gets at least one more
Autor: Infinity Gauntlet
Autor: Dennis Berzin Plz its cringe
Autor: Arnav Akhaury
Autor“That gives him hug powers!”
Autor: Super Allstar
AutorGoddamn that wasn’t fair
Autor: Horror pizzeria Daniel
AutorI don't understand
Spiderman does not kill
Said by Peter's aunt
Spider man cannot win unless he captures Batman but that's impossible
Autor: Your Dad
AutorYeah but i feel like Batman could win because of his intelligence. He would find a way eventually.
Autor: Alias
AutorYep, Spiderman wins, that's all there is to it
Autor: Charles Desmond
AutorPeople are still arguing about this. Spiderman wins 10 of 10 chance encounters, and most planned encounters with Batman having prep. Spiderman is one of the worst type of foe for Batman. He's faster, stronger, more agile, has webbing that Batman could not break, has Spider Sense, can stick to any surface, and Peter Parker is also a genius. In Death battle they are both war lusted. So, now Spiderman would be ruthless. Batman would be moving in slow motion in comparison. Web, web, kick off head. Done. Spiderman usually pulls his punches to just flicks of his wrists. A full force punch or kick to any part of Batman would shatter that area.
Autor: Brad Smith
AutorDC needs a new poster boy
Autor: malwar21
AutorGo spiderman go
Autor: Genette Najera
Autor: حسن احمد حسن احمد
AutorMiles morales vs static shock
Autor: Kevin H
AutorI can imagine Batman would get annoyed by Spiderman's jokes.
Autor: GothicPray
Autori will support to spiderman
Autor: Pamada Somapalyam
AutorWhat this was made before amazing spider man 2, infinity war, HOMECOMING, this made spideyy look bad
Autor: Rhys X
AutorSpiderman, spiderman crap some webs like a spider can.
Autor: marsel dagistani
AutorI feel like this matchup could never be fair. Spiderman has powers while Batman is solely human. Any powered character could defeat Batman in a set base circumstance for this reason.
Autor: YO O
Autor ooooh the memories
Autor: RedCap 2
AutorBatman would win
Autor: Tommy K
AutorLmao that's pathetic, Spider man is just another overrated idiot, Darkseid vs Spiderman? K.O. Spiderman takes the W, it's actually stupid to think Spiderman could win against someone like Batman
Autor: UchihaBlazing
Autorbatman can beat captain america but can't beat spiderman LOL
batman>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>captain america>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>spiderman LOL!!!
Autor: Lexmord ZXJ619
AutorBatman has a 1 in 127 chance of beating Spiderman.
Autor: Snicker- Roblox Challenges
AutorEven with prep time, the problem Batman runs into is that anything he can bring to bear against Spidey, Spider-Man has already faced and beaten. No spider sense? He's been through that more than once. Plans to weaken his will? That was how Green Goblin operated. Assorted weaponry? ALL his opponents used that! Completely de-powered? He's dealt with that. Wear him down with an army? He's beaten those armies. A scenario Spidey has not triumphed over would be hard to find, so his experience and the fact that he is fantastic at improvising in his fights gives him an edge Batman can't overcome.
Autor: Mike Kennedy
AutorBatman would win. In one of thise attacks batman could have electicuaed him and then finished him off. Case closed.
Autor: Mr. Superhero
Autor: Oliver Hogan
Autortoo many batman haters here
Autor: **********
AutorBatman the best
Autorwait batman is bruce wayne?
Yhea right that's like saying superman is clark Kent let me guess next time your gonna say Tony stark is Ironman
Autor: FUN studios
AutorBatman can make a device to suppress spidey powers and will only show mercy on him if he says that his mother's name is Martha
Autor: Anurag Vagle
Autori thought batman was gonna win against a kid
AutorWell if you're still angry this long, you at least still have the Beyond vs 2099 to look forward to.
Autor: Sean NotShawn
Autor1000 lbs is impossible to bench press with that body frame f#@k off bat man
Autor: Tinker Freak
AutorSpider-Man:You've got a black belt in stupid if you think you've gonna beat me
Batman:I don't have black belt I only have yellow belt
Autor: The Killer Fox 13
AutorSpiderman for the win Boi
Autor: cursed vjay
AutorJust lost a 50 dollar bet
Autor: Wizard Bob
AutorSpider man no mata
Autor: Mario gabri Roca
AutorHello bois
Autor: Saad Agnaou
AutorAs you know in the Harry Potter side of Hogwarts House Side Traits, Batman is more of a Ravenclaw 💙🖤🦅🐦 and Spider-Man is more of a Gryffindor ❤️💛🦁.

I guess that heroic better superhero is Gryffindor’s Spider-Man Wins.
Autor: Felipe Rico
Autorbatman can easily win because he has so many gadgets that can just out rule spider man. Just blast some tear gas, laughing gas, or launch the bat bombs. PLus, batman as the hell-bat suit.
Autor: Arnav Akhaury
Autor8: 18 fatality
Autor: carlos 10
AutorBatman wins...why? Its batman
Autor: Donald Aversano III
AutorBatman must be blind to think he can beat Spiderman.
Autor: Snicker- Roblox Challenges
Autor: Miguel Isaac Rubio
AutorSpider-Man would have won in 10 seconds
Autor: James Ricketts
Autorseriously man you think that spidy can beat batman bruh how did you even think about it 😂😂😂 this is ridiculous
Autor: Technical MasterGI
AutorBatman: Would you like some rice?
Spider-Man: Which brand?
Batman: Uncle Ben!

Fight is on!
Autor: viliguns
AutorSpiderman cannot beat Batman
He's way too much for him
Autor: TERMINATOR 54x0
Autor"He wants to be famous?!
I'll make him infamous!"
Autor: Albert Cheng
AutorI understand your reasoning ,but I just can't see Spiderman winning this one. Batman is also an escape artist. So the way this fight ended didn't make sense. He also has a eidetic memory. So he would've noticed that some of his attacks were affective, and it wouldn't have taken long for him to figure out that Spidey has heightened senses. Which could and would be exploited by a more experienced fighter. I know I sound biased but I'm not. Even though I'm obviously a Batman fanboy, Spidey happens to be my favorite Marvel character. So I have mixed emotions here. Lol.
Autor: Zach Ashford
AutorObviously it’s common sense Spider-Man wins, death battle should stop making one sided fights
Autor: acfded45
AutorSpider man
Autor: Arnav Akhaury
AutorWith prep Batman would win but in this scenario it can't go any other way. The way they did it too lmaoo
Autor: Arthur LS
AutorBenchpresses 1000 lbs are we sure hes got no powers
Autor: GAMeB0y XL
Autor i used to watch denver
Autor: ian le
AutorSubscribe to Pewdiepie btw
Autor: Flop Studios
AutorAlso he defeat darksied and spiderman couldn't even hurt Superman
Autor: Robert Minkey
AutorSpider man is a kid batman will win 1000000 persent
Autor: Aloha Iyah Cunanan16
AutorThe real winner is waluigi if you really think about it
Autor: Flare Guy
AutorWhere did they find the feat of Batman memorizing a face he's once punched from muscle memory? I need to find that scan.
Autor: King Jin
Autor*grabs pop corn as i watch DC fanboys trying to defend batman on the comment section
Autor: veniel breatana
Autor(This episode isn't at the right place in the playlist.)
Autor: Big Nose Entertainment [Nosey]
AutorYassss Spider-Man won
Autor: Crazykids 29
AutorThat doesn’t make sense? Batman beat super man, but it makes sense, because this video was made before their fight.. If they just waited a little more, and could see how strong Batman really is, Batman would’ve have won. Or maybe a tie.
Autor: Taiga Kougami
AutorMarvl ruls an dc druls
Autor: ko King 123
AutorBatman: Beats SuperMan. cant beat a boy with senses
Autor: Player 2


Batman:Hey Peter Is Uncle Ben There?

Spiderman:No, Hes At The Movies With Yo Parents Hangs Up

Autor: Coo CoolYTZ
AutorDefinitely got this one right! Excellent video!
Autor: Matt Haggard
AutorI have something to tell all you Batman fans.
You say he's extremely smart and physically strong
So is Norman Osborn
Autor: Albert Cheng
Autorbull crap
Autor: kevin Moran
AutorBatman will win u are wrong but good vid
Autor: Wander Fulgencio
AutorBatman should win
Autor: Rodin Efe
AutorSuck it batman
Autor: Crazykids 29
AutorAnd if he were to get spammed, he should have just turned on his shield
Autor: Arnav Akhaury
AutorAlso they should add spider man, with his homecoming suit but he keeps all his feats so he has enough gadgets to keep up with Batman’s gadgets cus his homecoming suit is full with all kinds of gadgets
Autor: The boy With no mic
AutorI thought spiderman doesn't kill his enemies?
Autor: Bambi Killer
AutorI unsubscribed, Batman should've won
Autor: Count Bleck
AutorSpiderman f***ed him up holy $h1t
Autor: trol master
AutorCap beat Spidey in 3 hits... He's scary good but how can Batman kill Cap?
Autor: Malachi Townsley
AutorTo Batman fanboys remember prep time does not guarantee victory. Plus Batman should learn the ancient art of running away like a little girl crying for Mommy. Spider-Man fans feel proud Batman loss shamefully. -Man for life
Autor: Jevon Jackson
Autorspider nam vs bat nam 2 new
Autor: Sandipa Roy
AutorNvr would this work out Batman would retreat,then come back I give it two weeks a month tops Batman would come back with a vengeance for Parker. He defeats Superman and the Flash Spiderman isn't a issue this is ludicrous.
Autor: Dennis Beaman
AutorI’m thinking spidey wins
Autor: Mila Burhanzai
AutorBro, why didn’t Batman just bring his hell-bat suit or use and of his martial art skills
Autor: Arnav Akhaury
AutorPeter Parker has friends Harry Osborn
Autor: Dead pool
AutorBatman should obviously win because Spider-Man is just a kid
Autor: IsaacAnimatez
AutorIf Batman prepared for the fight he would win easily
Autor: Lochan Broth
AutorMy two favourite superheroes
Autor: Jarl Balgruuf
AutorTechnically since they don’t kill none of em would win
Autor: TedChuckled
AutorCome on! There's no fricking way you are seriously thinking that Spiderman has a chance!
Autor: Noam Kimchi
AutorThe infinity war Spider-Man would lose to batman
Autor: Glizzy Bands Productions
AutorBatman would win easily
Autor: Romes The Kid
AutorSpider vs bat
Autor: hi Lastimoza
AutorEven Death-Battle knows that TASM was a bad movie
Autor: Joe Fanik
AutorWhile I Do Agree Spider Man Can beat Bat Man However Bat Man Gains Way More From Prep Time Than Spider Man If This Was Bat Man Vs Spider Man With Prep Time Bat Man Would Win!
Autor: Kenan Von Kaiser
Autorspiderman wins
Autor: Ernesto Mamani
AutorNow imagine he had prep time
Autor: The Senate
Autorspider nam vs bat nam 2 new
Autor: Sandipa Roy
AutorEven if spiderman was given preptime Batman would still win...
Because Batman will develop a lethal strategy
Autor: Linosh Kurian Malayil
AutorI want the death battle between the lizard vs killer croc
Autor: Gabezilla 2002
AutorNaruto vs Luffy!!!!!!!!
Autor: IronCatBrony
AutorThe truth is truth
Spiderman is stronger but batman is not bad and he is also strong
Because of spiderman super strength and durability spiderman won
But I am not insulting batman
Autor: Ritvik Kochhar
AutorJoker certainly has caught Batman off-guard.
Autor: Ronald Marcano
AutorWait... Spider man is Marvel. Justice League is D.C

I blame the 90's
Autor: Imaginary Toast
Autorglad spiderman won batman is a dbag
Autor: Grasshopper Man
AutorHonestly the only situation I feel like Batman would lose to Spider-Man or Black Panther is during their first battle. Any other time Batman wins.
Autor: batshineman
AutorDeath battle sucks
Autor: Kaushal.Gote Btech2018
AutorBaTmAn ShOuLd HaVe woN

Yeah guys we get it go against the obvious truth if you want your not going to feel any better
Autor: Monsterous Boi
AutorIt’s pizza time
Autor: Dysfunctional Roadkill
AutorSpiderman would not be alive after all that.
Autor: Robert Minkey
AutorBatman Vs Spider Man
In Australia, spiders eat bats...
Robin vs Spider Man
Autor: Albert Cheng
AutorBatman vs Frank castle
Autor: MrRandom
AutorBatman would win
Autor: jb tv _06 games
AutorMan I bet he wishes he could fight Batman to a battle to the dea- OOOOHHHH WAIT!!! XD
Autor: LEGO spider-man Cars fan 28

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